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Digital Artisans is a place where pixel artists, code poets, copywriting wordsmiths and masters of the digital arts can escape the confines of solitude and aid in each others enlightenment.

We come here to communicate with our peers, to collaborate on wonderful new ideas and to discuss which thrift store truely has the most beautiful chequered shirts.

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Enter your electronic mail address in the form above and we will send out the all important invite to our Slack channel. We're currently not accepting users with email hosted at aol, hotmail or yahoo…unless they're being used ironically.

If you do not receive your invite please contact @aaronbassett on Twitter.

We need to go for Affogato!

As much as digital is neato, sometimes we do love analog. Some of us meet to discuss the best beard oil recipes once a month over a couple of organic, fair-trade craft beers at RookieOven. You should join us before it gets too mainstream.

Is this a joke?

Whatever gave you that idea? Ok, so our tongue was firmly in our cheek while writing the copy. But the community is very real (496 users and counting) and is filled with lovely people.

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